Shauna Norton, owner and manager of Little Critters Training and Care, established the company in 1991 mainly as a dog walking/pet sitting service. Over the years, Shauna began training dogs and cats for fun, and realized that her joy and passion led to great success and fulfillment for her clients (pets and parents alike). Now, Little Critters Training and Care focuses on helping people develop the best possible relationships with their animals.

Shauna has adopted and cared for a variety of pets, and has had personal experience caring for older animals. She nursed her own cat, Nicholas, through kidney disease for five years, comforting him through a difficult illness. In addition to delivering fluids and medications for his treatment every day , Shauna fed him a special diet and made sure he was as healthy as possible right up until the end. Her beloved friend passed away in February 2007 at the age of 20.

After many years of working with different types of creatures, she has come to understand that they are very much like us.  Her philosophy in designing behavior modification programs for her clients is centered around the eight areas of their lives  that need to be fulfilled in the best way possible way to keep their lives in balance and maintain their happiness and peace of mind.

These areas are engaging natural instincts, rest, play, exercise, socialization, nutrition, healthcare and safety.  After gathering information from the family during the initial evaluation, Shauna designs an individualized program to address and solve all of the issues they have concerns about.

Shauna understands that animals require more than just food and water—she attends to their emotional health as well. When their owners are away, pets may experience stress and anxiety. Shauna takes this into consideration during her visits, providing love and affection in addition to daily maintenance. For over 25 years, she has made many pets and their parents happy — view our Testimonials page to see how!

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